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Skype doesn't show notification for a specific contact

15th May 2013 Tags: #skype #troubles

If you don't receive skype-notifications when one specific person writes you, that's mean it is Disabled :) I don't know how, but suddenly I found the same bug in my Skype. A bug - because I didn't disable it.

How to fix it ?!

Yes, you're right - just enable it :D

Some guys (here and here) say:
Select that contact's name >>Click Conversation >> Notification Settings...>> Notify me.

Select 'Notify me' in the Setting, or smth like that.

Buuuut... I haven't "Notification settings" at all :) Instead I found another solution - you can enable notifications for any contact just by sending /alertson into chat with him.

Here some more useful commands from official site. For more information, please, look there.

  /add [Skype Name] : Adds a contact to the chat.
  For instance: /add alex_cooper will add that member to the chat.

  /alertson [text]  : Allows you to specify what needs to appear in a chat for you to be notified.
  For example, /alertson London will only alert you when the word "London" appears in the chat.

  /alertsoff  : Disable message notifications.

  /get role : Details your role in the chat.

  /get uri  : Creates a URL link that other people can use to join the group chat.

  /golive : Starts a group call with other participants of the chat.

  /info : Details number of people in chat and maximum number available.

  /me [text]  : Your name will appear followed by any text you write.
  For instance, "/me working from home" will cause the phrase "working from home" to appear next to your name in the chat. You can use this to send a message about your activities or status.

  /topic [text] : Changes the chat topic.

  /undoedit : Undo the last edit of your message.

  /whois [Skype Name] : Provides details about a chat member such as current role.