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How to fix first day of week in xfce?

If you want to change the first day of week, actually, it's a problem of your locale. So, you have installed/choose a locale, that have first day of week, for example, Sunday, and all programs and gui-plugins will use it. Let's fix it …

24th Feb 2014 Tags: #calendar #locale #troubles #xfce

Skype doesn't show notification for a specific contact

If you don't receive skype-notifications when one specific person writes you, that's mean it is Disabled :) I don't know how, but suddenly I found the same bug in my Skype. A bug - because I didn't disable it. …

15th May 2013 Tags: #skype #troubles

Не накладывается patch на rpm пакет - неверный код возврата

Если Ваш патч ну никак не хочет накладываться, и вывод примерно следующий (я пытался наложить патч на rpm пакет) …

25th Apr 2013 Tags: #patch #troubles

Проблема yum : database disk image is malformed

Если при очередной попытке установить что-либо, yum выдал Вам примерно следующее …

9th Apr 2013 Tags: #troubles #yum